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Multiple accounts possible on one iPhone or iPad? ApkRig

Families know this: an old iPhone or iPad is used by everyone – but each person wants their own apps and settings. With iOS 15, this problem could be a thing of the past. This is indicated by an Apple patent that has now emerged.

With a future version of the operating system like iOS 15, Apple could finally allow multiple user accounts for one device, reports AppleInsider. The patent in question has the somewhat cumbersome name “Provision of domains in secure enclave to support multiple users”. Specifically, this means: You could use an iPhone or iPad with several people – and everyone would have their private settings that would not be visible to the other.

Individual unlock method

Each person should be able to set an individual passcode. If desired, another unlocking method could be used – depending on what the iPhone or iPad model allows. According to the patent, however, it is also possible to save data on the device that is not encrypted. This would make them accessible to all users.

A large part of the patent deals with the issue of security. Because the shared data of the users should not represent a gateway for unauthorized persons despite the common surface. In addition, a system like iOS 15 could take new actions if the passcode is entered incorrectly several times. For example, the patent describes that in this case the entire system is throttled.

Release with iOS 15?

The benefits of having multiple accounts on one device are obvious. There are already family accounts for many services such as Apple Music or Netflix to enable individual settings. But a shared iPhone or iPad, to which each person has their own access, could significantly expand the possibilities with iOS 15.

The patent does not indicate when an iPhone could allow multiple users. Should Apple actually introduce such a function with iOS 15, a long-cherished dream of many users would have come true. For example, there was already a concept in February 2019 that provided for this feature for iOS 13. The iPhone 6s would unfortunately go away empty-handed in such a case: The popular model should no longer receive the update to iOS 15.

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