More and more Germans are switching to the iPhone

iPhone 13

The lead is melting: although Android smartphones are still the market leader in this country, the iPhone is catching up. More and more Germans prefer to use Apple cell phones. This is an alarm signal, especially for the top dogs Samsung and Xiaomi.


At first glance, manufacturers of Android smartphones do not have to worry about the German market. Together Samsung, Xiaomi, Google and Co. come together Market share of 66.4 percentas Statista writes, citing the market researchers from Kantar (source: extra). But the old stock market adage also applies to the smartphone market: The trend is your friend.

Android is losing market share in Germany, the iPhone is growing

A closer look shows that the market share of the Android group has only been going in one direction recently: downwards. Of the Weddings with a market share of over 80 percent have been going downhill continuously since 2020. The picture on the iPhone is completely different: Apple’s cult cell phone is gaining more and more market share and is currently 33.6 percent book for yourself. Windows and BlackBerry, on the other hand, are completely irrelevant on the German market.

Android loses, iPhone wins (Image source: Statista)

Why are more and more Germans reaching for an iPhone and ignoring Samsung, Xiaomi and Co.? There is probably no one reason for the slow melting of the Android market share. Rather, several factors are likely to play together.

The iPhone is getting better and better at Germans:

What Causes the Android Decline?

Compared to earlier times Apple is now also poaching in price ranges around 400 euros to 500 euros. The fact that Android has been going down since 2020 – and thus the year in which Apple presented a revised iPhone SE – is probably no coincidence. Add to that the departure of Huawei, which was forced by US sanctions. This has slowed down innovation and price pressure in the Android sector. Samsung and Xiaomi, the remaining top dogs in the Android world, were able to tighten the price screw more and more.

In this way, many pieces of the mosaic form an overall picture.

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