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this is how you keep it cozy in the backseat

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As a mother, a long car ride to your holiday destination probably does not sound like music to your ears. Quarreling children, endless bathroom breaks and at least 1000 times the question whether you are almost there… That’s how you keep it cozy in the back seat!


Play a game! And not on the tablet or phone, but simply with each other. Not only fun for the kids, but also for you as parents. Time flies and you have some quality time together. No inspiration? Here you will find a list of the best car games!

Cool stopovers

Take some time for your ride. Yes really, you can make the ride a lot more fun for your kids by stopping at cool places along the way. Take a look at which cities or sights you pass along the way and see if you can make a pit stop there. This way you drive from destination to destination and you divide the long travel time a bit.

Snack game

Do you want to refuel? Take your kids inside and let them pick out a snack. Your kids won’t be in a foreign gas station that often, so they immediately have something to watch. Give an assignment: find something you’ve never eaten, see if you can find the most sour candies ever or choose something with the color red. If they can eat that snack nicely for the next kilometres, they will be sweet (or sour) again.


Get some binoculars and let your kids explore from the car. What animals do they spot? What are people doing in other cars? There is so much to see from your car. Also check whether they can find differences between the country you are driving in and the Netherlands. This also sparks some fun conversations.


Print a map with your route and involve your children in the journey. Do they know where you drive after a while? Find fun facts about the areas you drive through so they can look for them (with their binoculars!). Make every border crossing a little party or come up with something fun for every 100 kilometers you drive.

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