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Microsoft became more expensive and immediately reduced the price of Xbox Live Gold -apkrig

Microsoft has taken players on a very wild roller coaster in recent hours. On Friday, there was confirmation of fresh speculation that the Xbox Live Gold subscription was going to rise in price, namely by $ 1 for the monthly tariff and $ 5 for the quarterly tariff, while the price for the half-yearly and annual variants will be maintained. However, the price increase could not be quickly reflected in all regions, because Microsoft does not approach pricing universally only through currency conversions, and the rate of increase should not be the same everywhere. For example, in the UK she had move the price of a six-month subscription from £ 30 to a significantly higher £ 43 and the whole situation was very unclear. However, the players agreed that they did not like the unexpected changes in the slightest, they made it very loud to Microsoft through social networks, and the Redmond company reacted immediately.

In addition, Microsoft just, unintentionally, is retreating from its positions in the field of free to play games and their multiplayer.

Just so you understand – what was true a few hours ago is no longer valid, and Microsoft cancels any changes you’ve made. “It simply came to our notice then. We try to do the best for you and we overshot today. We’re listening to you, and we’re taking back changes to the Xbox Live Gold price, “said social media posts. The changes were also reflected in the original article, which informed about the new prices, where Microsoft continues to pour ashes on its head. “We didn’t make it and you had every right to speak. Connecting people and playing with friends is a key part of video games, and we haven’t met the expectations that players place on us every day, ”says Microsoft.

However, in maintaining the original state, which from the point of view of the Czech player means CZK 149 for a monthly subscription, CZK 499 for a quarterly, CZK 749 for a half-year and CZK 1,499 for an annual, the management of the Xbox division does not end and just unintentionally retreats from its positions in the free field. to play her. Every time we mention such titles, which also offer multiplayer, we had to specify that while you don’t have to have an active PlayStation Plus subscription to play on PlayStation, you had to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription on Xbox. However, this is changing, although Microsoft warns that the repeal of this rule will come beyond several months.

February games in Xbox Live Gold

Along with the Xbox Live Gold prize information, there is also the declassification of the February offer of free titles. The brightest star is Gears 5, which is complemented by the first installment of the Resident Evil series, Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition by Raw Fury and a pair of older titles from Xbox and Xbox 360 – Lost Planet 2 and Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb.

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