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Mesh router with great performance

Looking for a fast router that can get a WiFi signal to every corner of your home, but you do not know the network elements and you do not want to troubleshoot setup problems long? So it would be Google WiFi could be right for you. Small White The box has a similar design to other products of Google . Inside the package is the router itself. It is also a guide to the first run. But do not expect any thick manuals, it’s just a paper card. This is already a testimony to the simplicity of the router . Additionally, there is a power adapter with USB-C and Ethernet cable.

 Google Wi-Fi Router Design

You can see at first glance that is in action a slightly different router . Classic routers have a nice design and are rather designed to hide them in an unobtrusive location. However, with the arrival of MESH routers, these devices are becoming a design element in the home . There is no exception to Google Wi-Fi.

Available in white, it recalls two pucks that are connected by an LED strip in the middle. In the event of a problem, the LED strip changes to red. Set brightness also. It is a minimalist design that fits nicely in the home. No antennas from Google Wi-Fi will push, everything is hidden inside. It may be somebody’s minus, because can not direct the antennas according to themselves . The quality of the work is exemplary, it’s definitely not a fragile thing to worry about. All connectors are plugged into the bottom . More specifically, two Ethernet ports and USB-C power supply . Everything is straight from the production described so the internet can really get everyone involved.

installing and setting up the Internet with Google WiFi

We’ve mentioned it a few times. Installing and setting up the Google Wi-Fi Internet is simple . And in a way that even a person who does not focus on technology can do it. From the point of view of the Czech Republic, there may be a slight problem in that the setup is in English but it is always possible to use a compiler

What is mesh technology?

In recent years, you can meet Mesh routers more and more often. Simply put, each MESH device creates a powerful connection and then selects the way to get the fastest signal. The routers themselves are constantly communicating with each other. The result is fast internet and minimal response across the house, not just near your router. Among the well known net routers are Netgear Orbi, Netgear Nighthawk X6S, Linksys Velop and ASUS Onhub AC1900.

First you need to download Google Wi-Fi from Google Play . If you own an iOS device, you can find it in the Apple Store. In both cases, is free of charge . The application will then ask you if you set up the router for the first time, confirm the offer and scan the QR code on the back of the router. The application will then prompt you to set the Wi-Fi network name and generate a password (later you can change it). If you own multiple Google Wi-Fi routers, you can set them up as simple as connecting a Bluetooth device to your phone.

How to set up Google Wifi


And that’s basically everything. The settings will take up to a maximum of a minute to two as you can see on the video above. Just be careful that some Internet service providers request a new MAC address to change the home router. In short, this is the unique number assigned to that network element. You can find the MAC address on Google Wi-Fi on the bottom. Connectivity and reach at Google WiFi

Direct Google Wi-Fi has a range of 139 square meters . With the right setting, for three routers, covers an area of 418 square meters . But if it is not enough, there are no problems connecting other and other devices. It is, however, the range in the ideal case. In fact, the Wi-Fi network’s reach is smaller, whether due to the fact that the Wi-Fi signal has to reach more than one wall or is “standing” in the way of other obstacles. At the same time, however, does not count for reinforced concrete walls that are normally used in Europe but are rare in the United States In a block of flats with an area of 104 square meters, we have the right to use the wifi mesh router signal. originally used one Google Wi-Fi router . The range of the signal was good, but in the distant parts it was already known that the signal was losing quality and the connection speed was not ideal. And because of future use in a smart home, we decided to use three Google Wi-Fi routers . And with this number of routers, there is absolutely no problem with the reach of the signal throughout the apartment. Of course, three routers for about 100 square meters may be unnecessarily too much. If you do not mind that there will be no signal in the more remote parts of the apartment, will have a single router on the above area. However, if you are planning a smart home, it is better to invest and cover your home with fast internet and signal.

Google Custom Search Wifi, a new approach to home Wi-Fi

The router was tested on a fast gigabit internet using optics. Without much trouble, he was able to use this speed. Average download speed was 655 Mbps and upload speed 309 Mbps . The good news is that you do not have to use meters such as speed test,, etc. You can measure internet speed directly in the application. Router did not have a problem even when connecting ten devices or more, while streaming high-quality video and streaming Nvidia GeForce Now, etc. It all intelligently drives and determines which device gets the highest priority.

  • Extensible mesh Wi-Fi
  • IEEE 802.11a / b / g / n / ac dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
  • 2 gigabit Ethernet ports, both configurable as WAN or LAN
  • Support WPA2-PSK Security

     Google Apps WiFi is Perfect

    One of the main advantages of this router is its simplicity. And thanks to the great application. As mentioned above, unfortunately it is in English. Google Wi-Fi is not officially sold in the Czech Republic, so it is possible to understand the absence of Czech. The application is divided into three main parts. The first part is a piece of information that shows, for example, WI-FI problems, if everything goes well and updates are being prepared by Google. In the second part you can see a quick overview of whether the provider has a problem with the Internet, how many routers it works, and how many devices are just connected. You can tap each of these items to open more information and statistics. For example, you can see how much downloaded and uploaded data is on your device. You can set higher priority, check MESH settings, routers, Internet speed of individual devices and possibly restart or update.

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