Meet the Bitcoin influencers tomorrow in the livestream

Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Twitter boss Jack Dorsey have agreed to appear at the Bitcoin event “The B Word”. Here, companies and investors are to be encouraged to rely on Bitcoin.

The event “The B Word” will take place on July 21st. This is after own information an initiative that focuses on Bitcoin. The aim of “The B Word” is to demystify and de-stigmatize the mainstream narratives about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The aim is to show how companies and institutions should deal with Bitcoin in the future and to create greater awareness of the cryptocurrency.

One of the speakers who will be at the event is Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. Dorsey himself advertised his appearance on Twitter. “As more and more companies and institutions join the mix, we would all like to help protect and spread what concerns the open development of Bitcoin,” said Dorsey. The day focuses entirely on further training and measures to achieve just that.

Exciting discussion is pending

Tesla chief Elon Musk also responded to Dorsey’s tweet. After exchanging a few jokes, Dorsey got more serious and invited Musk over to “The B Word” for a chat. Musk agreed and Dorsey confirmed that he would see to it that this clash would take place. Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest and also speaker, emphasized that she welcomed a Bitcoin discussion between Dorsey and Musk. A good three weeks after the brief exchange via Twitter, Musk is officially listed as a speaker on the event’s homepage. The live stream starts at 6 p.m. our time, before the highlight of the day arrives at around 8 p.m. Wood, Dorsey and Musk will discuss Bitcoin as a tool for strengthening the economy at the main panel. The whole thing will be moderated by Steve Lee.

Wood and Dorsey believe that bitcoin mining can have positive effects on the environment, while Musk believes that such activities are harmful to the environment. In the first quarter of 2021, Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin and began accepting the cryptocurrency as a means of payment in March. However, in May, Musk announced that BTC adoption would be suspended again. He cited environmental concerns as the reason. It could be an exciting discussion.

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