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If you wanted to look for the roots of the idea for a roguelike turn-based doom, you would have to go back almost two decades. As early as 2002, the ChaosForge team came up with the fan game Doom, the Roguelike, which it later renamed DoomRL and eventually due to the impending trial by Zenimax on DRL. Based on this project, a new game called Jupiter Hell began to emerge, in which Doom is still clearly visible, but no one can even say the ashes.

At first glance, the Jupiter Hell may look like an ordinary twin-stick shooter with graphics simulating old CRT monitors, and you can easily play it as a twin-stick shooter. In that case, you will be rewarded with a truly explosive action full of the blood of your alien enemies, which you will sprinkle and mow on the moons of Jupiter.

But if the event accompanied by metal is too much at one point, then it is enough to stay standing. You don’t have to do practically anything for that, you don’t want to press the space bar to invoke a pause or something. The game simply stops when you stop, and you can play it in turn if you want. Take your time, think about the next step, jump, shoot, get rid of the immediate danger and then, for example, return to a purely action cut.

Jupiter Hell is also an old-school roguelike, so expect to die and venture into the procedurally created civilian and military sectors and mining colonies over and over again. And once you overcome the game, it will only be harder, as the creators avoid the system, which would reduce the difficulty with the grind.

On August 1, Jupiter Hell will celebrate his second birthday since entering preliminary access and will leave it just four days later. You will start the (pull) action on August 5 only on computers.

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