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McDonald’s France hacked: the data of 3 million customers will leak

McDonald’s France is the latest victim of a hack, with a hacker claiming to have a database including the information of 3 million customers.

McDonald’s France customer data is currently encrypted, so it is impossible to read it in detail without having the key to decipher it. We at least know that type of content is present: first names, last names, dates of birth, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, PayPal transactions and more. The file weighs a total of 385 MB.

Where does this leak come from? It’s a bit unclear at this point and McDonald’s France has not yet commented on the information. But according to Zataz, it seems that the leak comes from the mobile application of the fast food chain. Several hackers are currently working on decryption in order to gain access to all the data. The file was offered for 24 hours, before being removed.

If you have an account at McDonald’s, it is advisable to go to the settings and change your password. It will always be that fact. However, be careful in the next few weeks in case of calls, messages or e-mails from people you do not know. Now is not the time to get tricked.

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