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Lize Korpershoek makes herself heard after criticism of the abortion column

Lize Korpershoek (37) responds to all the criticism she receives after her candid column for ‘Flair’. The documentary maker wrote about the abortion she underwent in 2012 and that went wrong with some.

In the column, Lize looks back on the operation eleven years ago. She was then seven weeks pregnant and felt very lonely. “Anyone who has ever been seriously ill knows how lonely physical discomfort can feel. Every morning and afternoon of my unwanted pregnancy I preferred to spend alone on the couch, waiting for the evening to come. The setting of the sun brought relief from the intense nausea and heralded the return of my appetite,” she writes. One family member had experienced the same thing and could confide in them. Lize heard that the rest of the family would only condemn her.

After five weeks of negative results, another two weeks of waiting plus five days to think it over, she undergoes the procedure. She writes: “As anesthetic fluid drips into my veins through an IV, my mind apologizes to the clump of cells in my uterus. ‘Sorry, I’m not ready for you, someday, but not yet.’”


The column loosens up a lot. Maxime Meiland calls it stupidity at its best. “It’s not a doll,” she adds. Yvonne Coldeweijer compares the intervention to a fashion phenomenon. “What you do with your own body is up to you, but talking about it as if abortion is something you order from the Wehkamp but send it back because it doesn’t work out, I think it’s really tone-deaf,” she writes.

Lize only feels strengthened by the reactions. “The more people publicly fall over the column (and put my words into a context that serves their boring story), the more people who need this will read it. Thanks treasures!”


Her partner Tim Hofman also makes himself heard on social media: “Fascinating how people who usually don’t give a damn about people and human rights (brown people scary! gays dirty! women stupid!) suddenly go completely wild to have a clump of cells removed.”

Lize says she gets much more sweet than stupid messages. Fortunately.

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