Killer feature of the smartwatch already illustrated

It was recently announced that the upcoming Apple Watch 7 would like to delight customers with a real “killer feature”. Rumors are all well and good, but we can only really imagine this in suitable pictures. Such a concept can now be seen.

It’s not official yet, but the rumor mill has already revealed it these days: The Apple Watch 7 makes the breakthrough and will probably be able to determine the blood sugar level non-invasively for the first time, i.e. without a peek. Optical sensors alone are sufficient. For millions of diabetics, a longed-for wish would come true. But what would the function look like on the Apple Smartwatch?

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Sven Kaulfuss01/25/2021

Apple Watch 7 with blood sugar measurement: This is what the app could look like

The colleagues from 9to5Mac Thinking about it, they just grabbed the virtual brush and show us an initial interface design of the app expected by Apple for measuring blood sugar levels. And this is how the application on the Apple Watch 7 could look like in the end …

Blood sugar app on the Apple Watch: the possible design

Image: 9to5Mac

Apple is already using attractive graphics and animations for the ECG and blood oxygen measurement on the Apple Watch – high quality, stylish and not too playful. Something similar is to be expected with the blood sugar content app. The proposal includes a symbolic representation of the red and white blood cells that literally slide across the screen. The actual button for starting the measurement process corresponds in appearance and function to the already known apps for the EKG and blood oxygen measurement.

Presentation of the measurement results

Image: 9to5Mac

At the end of the measurement on the smartwatch, the result can be seen in a clear dialog window. Specifically, information is provided about the currently estimated blood sugar value and there is the option of calling up a detailed diagram and sharing the measured value either with a family member or a doctor. If you want an alternative display, you can choose between different options – bars, line charts or just a list.

Alerting users

Image: 9to5Mac

Constant monitoring of blood sugar levels could prove to be particularly important and useful. If the values ​​are too high or too low, a corresponding notification is signaled on the display. The Apple Watch 7 could then offer recommendations for lowering or increasing the blood sugar level.

An ECG can already be created with the Apple Watch, but the health functions do not end there:

By the way: Such an app would not only help diabetics, because a healthy blood sugar level is extremely important. Constantly and often excessively high sugar levels may indicate type 2 diabetes, in which case a visit to the doctor and subsequent treatment is a must. Worse can then be prevented. In autumn 2021 we will see whether Apple actually fulfills our dream of the “killer feature” in the end. Because then the iPhone manufacturer should finally introduce the Apple Watch Series 7 together with the iPhone 13.

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