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Issues with Waze on Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for some

Users who go through Waze, whether on Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, say they experience delays during their journey. There are several cases as well the community GPS forums that on google forums.

The problem seems to be that the app has trouble keeping up with touch input and displaying the latest events on the screen. Whether there is active navigation or not, the app just starts having slowdowns and other issues after a few minutes. In some cases, the location displayed on the screen may be wrong, showing the car in a different place. For CarPlay users, Waze cuts out according to some users, but the issues stop as soon as the app is not in use.

It is difficult to know how many people are affected by this problem. It seems to affect more people with CarPlay than with Android Auto.

Conversely, users have no particular problems with Apple Maps or Google Maps. This is proof that the problem comes from Waze and an update that wants to be at fault.

It is worth remembering that Waze is owned by Google, the group bought it several years ago now for almost a billion dollars. Moreover, a Google product expert indicates that he has forwarded the problem to the Waze teams, but there is no more information for the moment.

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