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iPhone: the tip for a Christmas hat on your Memoji

Memojis have arrived with the release of iOS 12. Users can today customize an Animoji according to the desires The Memojis Apple are much more interesting than those of the competition.They retain a look The user likes to personalize their Memoji to suit all tastes, and because of the possibility of customizing the Memojis, the brand has chosen to propose basic models that display a neutral look .

The Christmas hat to customize your Memoji

In this holiday season, the Christmas bonnet is an essential accessory characterized by its white pompom and its bright red color. Here are the steps to follow to personalize your Memoji with the Christmas hat. You must have an iPhone or iPad compatible with Face ID . The update to iOS 12 is necessary if your device is still under version 11. Customization is easy to do:

1. Go to the Messages application and open a new message.

2. Touch the icon with a small monkey and slide up to enlarge the Memoji game.

3. Press the add button to add a new Memoji.

4. Then personalize your Memoji according to your desires (skin color, hair style, facial features …)

5. To add the Santa hat, go to Headgear.

The Christmas hat is customizable since you can choose the color you want. You now know how to add a Christmas bonnet to your Memoji.

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