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Rapture Rejects

Human Chamraď ovládl Zemi a všemohoucí pán z nebe to konečně přestal bavit. While the surrounding world is eating the hell of flames, fifty of the worst of the worst murder each other to get the only remaining ticket to heaven. Battle royale sprouted with the black humor of the Cyanide & Happiness world and isometric view, it is Rapture Rejects.

God is already full of teeth of individuals who “are more interested in their own genitals than the improvement of the world.” That’s why they’d all let go of it so he did not have to look at it anymore. (19459003)

In the isometric burning world you have to get weapons and get rid of them with the other 49 bastards, to lean the old man in the white robes to his side, or secure the ticket to heaven with brutal murder. Authors of Cyanide & Happiness comic work closely with Galvanic, which has several more or less stunning comic strips.

Rapture Rejects is currently on Steam in the Pre-Access Program, full release of the game by developers planning for 2020 In the meantime, they want to add more weapons, objects and perks, procedurally generated maps, customizing your character, and social functions to play with your friends. The game after release of version 1.0 will increase from the current 16.79 euros, but you have more than a year to get it for a better price

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