iPhone of 2021 is called iPhone 12S, Phone 13 never comes out

A generally reliable Apple journalist claims that the successor to the iPhone 12 is not known as the iPhone 13, but the iPhone 12S. The company would like to skip the figure because it evokes negative associations in many countries.

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‘iPhone 13 is called iPhone 12S’

The claims have been made by Jon Prosser in his YouTube show Front Page Tech. Prosser predicted the release date of the updated iPhone SE in the past and is known as a reliable source. The YouTuber shares several rumors about the upcoming Apple phone in the latest episode of his show.

First, Prosser claims that an iPhone 13 will never come out. Instead, Apple would market the successor to the iPhone 12 as the iPhone 12S. In many parts of the world, 13 is an unlucky number, and Apple wouldn’t want to evoke that association.

The YouTuber also thinks that the iPhone of 2021 will get a smaller notch. This notch accommodates the selfie camera and scanner for Face ID face unlock and has been roughly the same size for several years now. Prosser does not discuss why the iPhone 12S would get a smaller notch.

Smooth picture for iPhone 12S

In addition, the tech journalist indicates that the successor to the iPhone 12 will have a screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. This means that the image refreshes the image 120 times per second. If this rumor is true, the refresh rate of the iPhone will be doubled. The current iPhone 12 (mini) and iPhone 12 Pro (Max) have a 60Hz refresh rate.

Finally, Prosser claims that the iPhone 12S will get Touch ID below the screen. You use the fingerprint scanner in that situation by placing your finger on a specific spot on the screen. With a correct match the screen unlocks. This claim is not entirely inconceivable, because Android smartphones have longer fingerprint scanners under the screen.

More about the new iPhone

Slowly but surely, the rumor mill around the new iPhone is starting to get going. The renowned Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously shared that the Pro models get a better ultra-wide angle lens. Apple will probably present the new phone series in September.

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