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In sci-fi Forever Skies, we will return to Earth after hundreds of years -apkrig

Forever Skies is a new visually imaginative first person sci-fi survival event from a young Polish team, which is to form a number of veterans of the local AAA scene. The Far From Home studio has unveiled the game itself, and with it the first enticing video from the title, which will head to early access on Steam this year and later arrive on the console. Forever Skies has been in development under the name Project Oxygen and has been in the works for over two years. Its authors have previously participated in games such as Dying Light, Dying Light 2, Dead Island, The Medium, Chernobylite or Divinity Original Sin.

Forever Skies takes players to a ruined and deserted Earth ravaged by an environmental disaster. The main character is a scientist who returns to Earth long after the disaster has made the planet uninhabitable for humans. The remnants of humanity survive above the toxic clouds. We will build, expand and operate a ship that will function as a means of transportation, refuge, laboratory and workshop. Here we will explore mysterious substances and produce new tools that will allow us to survive. We will look for materials, food and examine the debris on a surface covered in toxic dust. And of course to look for its origins.

The authors are tempted to a single, which will later be supplemented by cooperation for up to four players as part of early access.

According to the authors, we will be exploring the ship in their own way, but in addition to the usual survival elements, the game will also offer combat and especially scientific research based on virology, where we will look for a cure to help the few who survived in orbit. We will also analyze scanned objects or uncover the secrets of forgotten technology. We are also looking for new ways to get food. But most of all, we need to find out what really happened and how we lost Earth, attract developers.

The world has changed and we can change with it and improve our abilities with exposed pathogens. And that it will be necessary, because instead of humans, a new ecosystem full of dangerous creatures will lurk below us. We will modify our ship, build and operate various machines that will allow us to survive in a world where we return for hundreds of years. The authors are tempted to a single, which will later be supplemented by cooperation for up to four players as part of early access. The console version will arrive later as a complete game. However, the authors have not yet specified the platforms.

Forever Skies is to spend about a year in the preliminary access program. During that time, of course, the project will continue to grow. But at the beginning it has to offer entertainment for about 30 hours. After the release of the full version, the price will also rise. The title is powered by Unreal Engine technology.

The refuge above the clouds and the expeditions to the post-apocalyptic landscape remind me a bit of the movie Oblivion with Tom Cruise, but the stylization and plot are, of course, different. What do you say to the news?

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