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iCloud on your iPhone did not feel like it due to malfunction

Not a nice surprise if you just took out your new iPhone for Christmas. iCloud was not working due to a glitch.

Christmas looked a bit different this year from previous years. Hopefully the gifts have remained for you. If you got a new iPad or iPhone, you may have noticed that iCloud was not working properly. Apple was struggling with an outage that took place exactly during the Christmas season.

iCloud outage

The outage lasted a long time with 36 hours. For example, it was not possible to create an iCloud account. You do get that question when setting up a new iPhone. It makes sense that you will be questioned when you just turn on your new iPhone or iPad for the first time. So don’t worry, there was nothing wrong with your device.

As far as is known, only iCloud of all Apple services was affected by the outage. Fortunately, the American tech giant was soon aware of the problems. In the end, it still took a while for the tech company to solve the problem one hundred percent. It is not clear how many people were affected by the outage and what the size of the issue was.

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