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New Vegas adds -apkrig vehicles

Surely you’ve noticed that we enjoy the modification and total conversion of Fallout a lot. And according to statistics, we dare say that you are very similar. Now we have another very interesting project, which we think is worth attention. Fallout: The Frontier is a 2010 mod for Fallout: New Vegas from Obsidian Entertainment. And its release is just around the corner. It has been published on January 15, so it’s a good idea to imagine it closer.

Fallout: The Frontier is said to bring the most comprehensive and realistic driving system ever developed for Fallout.

The novelty will take us to snowy Portland, Oregon, and of course we will come across famous places and sights here as well. We will fight new enemies, meet dozens of new creatures, hundreds of characters and have over 150 new weapons at our disposal. The main novelty in gameplay, however, is the controllable vehicles. Fallout: The Frontier is said to bring the most comprehensive and realistic driving system ever developed for Fallout. The latest trailer revealing the release date, which was postponed from December to January, also focuses on the proceedings.

The modification boasts complete dubbing and three main quest lines. In addition to them, you will also find dozens of side tasks of various scales and atmospheres. The local environment should be relentless and bring new challenges and experiences. The authors attract us to dynamic weather. According to them, a warm day will quickly turn into a frosty one as a result of a nuclear war, which dramatically affected the behavior of the weather. We encounter fog, snow, rain and storms. It is said that the team pulled the absolute maximum from the engine.

Of course, there are also bosses in the game, and your enemies can also sit behind the wheel of vehicles. The team promises modern graphic effects and scripted cut scenes. According to them, the once majestic city turned into an echo of former glory. Portland is said to be full of mysteries and secrets and remarkable places. And here you will find one of the first vaults that Vault-Tec built. Little is known about him and he still remains closed. What’s inside?

According to the developers, the Fallout series hasn’t paid much attention to Oregon yet, so they came up with their own story and realities. But they tried to connect them with the famous lor. Dozens of people are involved in the modification and it was created over seven years. It should be one of the biggest modes for New Vegas, if not the biggest yet. It also has to offer dozens of hours of entertainment.

The authors recommend that fans play the game with a new character, although in theory it would probably be possible to use the old save. However, they warn that you would encounter a number of potential errors. Fallout: The Frontier requires a base game and four official DLCs

More details about the modification of Fallout: The Frontier can be found on its official website. He already has a profile on Steam. You can find more videos on the project channel on YouTube. For example, the more than 5-year-old teaser is worth noting, which only proves how long the authors had to go. Thanks to the new cars, the result could be a slightly different post-apocalyptic adventure with the flavor of Mad Max or Rage. Although in the knowledge of a colder backdrop.

Interesting modifications for Fallout

Other community projects from the world of Fallout, which we have written about before, are also worth attention. Project Arroyo wants to resurrect Fallout 2 in Fallout 4. The authors of Capital Wasteland mode remake Fallout 3 into four. Fallout: New California is a prequel to New Vegas and takes the players to California. Other fans are redesigning New Vegas for Fallout 4. Mod Fallout: Miami for Fallout 4 again attracts us to sunny Florida.

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