I Mosquito – Identify and report a species

This application will allow you to photograph and report the presence of mosquitoes, to learn to identify them and to know the right preventive actions. You will thus participate in the “citizen watch” and discover the main species of mosquitoes.

This application aims to:
– to facilitate the reporting of mosquitoes, and in particular that of the “tiger mosquito” (Aedes albopictus)
– provide answers to the most frequent questions about mosquitoes
– inform and educate the general public on the “right actions” of prevention
– initiate the recognition of mosquitoes
It is fully embedded. All functions and content are permanently accessible regardless of the network.

Report a mosquito: You can take pictures from all pages of the application and / or find them in your photo library to report the presence of a mosquito. Upon receipt of your message, the entomologists at EID Atlantique will tell you which species it is. By signaling the presence of mosquitoes in this way, you are contributing to “citizen watch”.

Identify a mosquito: A simplified key allows you in a few clicks to check whether the insect you have observed, photographed or captured is indeed a mosquito or if it is another insect. If it is a mosquito you can then report it to EID Atlantique who will tell you what species it is.

Species sheets: The application does not have an encyclopedic vocation, even if a lot of information is presented there. In this module, you will be able to consult the identity sheet of the main mosquito species but also those of other insects often confused with them.

Did you know ? : In this module, the Atlantic EID provides you with answers to the most frequently asked questions about mosquitoes. Why do mosquitoes bite? How long do they live? Why does the bite cause an itch? etc.

The right gestures: To avoid the proliferation of mosquitoes, there are many preventive actions, both individual and collective. The EID Atlantique offers you some recommendations that allow you to protect yourself against injections.

EID Atlantique is a public establishment specializing in the entomological surveillance and regulation of mosquitoes. You will be able to learn about its structure, its missions, its actions and its scope of intervention.

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