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‘I don’t mind if my kids swear’

A ‘shit’ or worse swear word regularly pops out of her toddler daughter’s mouth. ‘My husband then cringes,’ says Sarah, ‘because he thinks swearing is a real no-go for children. In that respect, our opinions cannot be further apart, because I think it’s fine and let her do her thing. ‘

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Sarah says swearing has a purpose. ‘When I hit my toe and it really hurts, I drop an F bomb because it makes me feel better. Research has shown that swearing helps to relieve pain and change the energy of a situation. Moreover, people who swear are more truthful than people who don’t. ‘

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Sarah’s husband is afraid that at some point their children will also start scolding people. ‘I understand that, because they are still too young to know the boundaries of the language. But there is a rule: we don’t swear at each other. ‘

Not non-stop

Are her children allowed to swear inappropriately? “Not that either,” she says. ‘If you constantly use swear words, they lose their power. But as far as I am concerned, if we teach our children at home how to curse appropriately, then they can express their ideas and needs that way without hurting others. ”

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