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these are your most popular photos on Instagram

Many lists pass by in December. We have already been working on it on DroidApp and you could also go to Spotify for Wrapped. Now is also the time to check out your hottest Instagram photos, courtesy of Best Nine 2020 or Top Nine 2020.

Best Nine 2020

If you also spent (too much) time on the Instagram photo network in the past year, then there is good news to report. Also this year you can use a handy tool to see which Instagram photos and videos were the most popular with you. It fits nicely into this month, where we are inundated with lists. For example, you could already consult Spotify Wrapped 2020 with your most loved music, Google was already there with Year in Search 2020 and several lists have already appeared on DroidApp (more soon!).

From now on, a number of nice overviews will also appear on Instagram. You can now get back to work with the ‘Best Nine 2020’. With this you can see which 9 photos of the past year have received the most likes. You can then share this result with your friends by sharing it as an Instagram photo, or of course in another way such as in your Stories, possibly with the hashtag # 2020bestnine.

How does it work?

You can create a 2020 Best Nine in different ways, there are different apps, or you can use a tool that requires you to log in to Instagram first. We wouldn’t do that. However, it can be much easier and much more privacy-friendly. To do this, go to the website and enter your username. Then it takes a while and the nine most popular photos appear. At the time of writing, it took us so long that it was not completed after two hours. It is probably very busy. You can then share this collage.

Top Nine 2020

Another tool you can use is Top Nine, which has a similar function. You can download the Top Nine 2020 app and get started, but if you don’t want to take all those steps, you can also use the (mobile) web version. With the app you do get even more templates. To do this, go to the Top Nine website, and enter your Instagram username. You will then see a window to enter your e-mail address, but you can solve this in a cumbersome way. While you see this window, tap your username you just entered again and tap enter. Your overview will then be loaded.

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