Huawei plans to release its own mobile services and browser for computers as well

The Chinese company Huawei has made it clear in recent months that it is not afraid to become independent from American software solutions. Due to business restrictions, it may not use (among many other things) mobile services and applications from Google. He therefore vehemently continues the development own application store, core core services, and even the entire operating system. In order for the company to cover an even larger field of devices and thus also ensure easier cooperation of these devices, it plans to plan release your AppGallery, HMS Core, Huawei Cloud and browser for computers as well.

They already offer interesting software solutions from Huawei function in the relationship mobile (or tablet) vs. computer. These include, for example, the possibility of Multi-screen work on two devices. With the advent of the application store and other tools in the world of computers would, of course, open up new possibilities for users. It can be assumed that AppGallery, HMS Core and other tools should be factory-fitted primarily to all Huawei computers / laptops.

How satisfied are you with Huawei software services?

Source: hcentral

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