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Huawei P40 Lite: It works even without Google services

At the beginning, I will say right away that I own a Huawei P30 Pro, so I was wondering what new Huawei will surprise us with now. First impression – great, although the plastic back does not look “excellent”, at least it does not slip in the hand and I was not afraid to use it without a silicone cover.

It works without Google

I chose a fingerprint to unlock. I’m used to the P30 Pro, so I put my finger on the screen, but I got used to it right away. And now something I’ve been waiting for, install my apk without Google support…

Petal solved everything I needed. I also use AppGalery in my P30 Pro, so I didn’t find any problem with that. The only “snag”… .Google Pay… I hope Huawei can handle it in the future 🙂

As for the display, as a normal user, I’m mainly interested in the visibility in the sun, which was not a problem and in terms of sound, absolutely great.

The camera will definitely not disappoint

Since my priority is the camera, I’m a little out of touch here. Right after unpacking, I took a picture that didn’t interest me much. At home, twilight… .. In the evening I tried to take pictures in complete darkness at the same time as my P30 Pro, again I was disappointed. Of course, the 30 took a completely incomparable shot. Only in the illuminated scenery did the phone show that it could take pictures.

This was followed by 3 rainy days, when I tried the phone during games. He didn’t hesitate. After half an hour of more demanding play, he warmed up a bit, of course, but without any chopping, everything worked nicely, smoothly.

It finally cleared up, got a little tightened and I went to try 40 in a gold watch. Nature surprised me, everything white all around, so I was curious. Another surprise at home, the photos needed to be adjusted a bit, but I was extremely satisfied.

Great for everyday use

This phone is absolutely great for everyday use, when taking photos, when you don’t pay extra attention to it, you just need to turn on artificial intelligence and there is no need to work further with photos. Everything else, even in the absence of Google services, manages per unit.

Thanks to our reader Igor Sloboda for this article.

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