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Huawei is proud of how it can upgrade low-quality videos to HD

The latest Huawei phones from the Mate 40 series are powered by the new top chipset Hisilicon Kirin 9000 5G, and the Chinese company has now decided to demonstrate with a short video how it is in one specific area in terms of videos. The primarily graphics core Mali-G78 MP24 and multimedia AI can allegedly take care of the following low resolution motion picture enhancement. Thanks to intelligent pixel counting, noise removal and other advanced technologies, it is possible, for example upgrade 460p video to Full HD shot, ie 1080p. However, see for yourself how Kirin 9000 is said to be able to improve video resolution.

There are also sequences in the shots that they compare really “weak” 270p shots and software-enhanced 720p results. Of course, increasing the resolution alone is not enough and you need to look at the details. This way it looks very good side by side. Of course, the promotional video is influenced by many other factors that make a detailed assessment impossible. Of course, the video can also be a bit embellished and Kirin 9000 video resolution enhancements it doesn’t have to be so amazing. OnePlus recently boasted something similar before the launch of eighth-row phones. At that time, however, it was the frame rate that another Chinese company is able to increase by adding more frames using MEMC technology. It can turn a video of 30 FPS into a 120 FPS shot.

In what resolution do you normally shoot on a mobile phone?

Source: Weibo

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