How to watch EURO 2020 on your smartphone?

The tournament was originally scheduled to take place in 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic. However, its original name has been preserved.

The Slovak football team also made it to the final tournament of the European Football Championship. Strong opponents are waiting for him in the basic table. The pilgrimage of the Slovak team will start on Monday at 18:00 in the match against Poland, which will not miss Bayern Munich’s gunner Robert Lewandowski.

The matches against Sweden will follow, and the last within the group will be the match against Spain, which traditionally has only the highest ambitions. Of course, it will be possible to watch the matches live on a mobile phone. In this article, we will look at how to do it.

How to watch EURO 2020 live

RTVS will bring all 51 championship matches live. Unfortunately, it does not offer the application, but there are options for watching matches on a smartphone or tablet. Just go to the RTVS live page, select a channel and start.

Television has even prepared a separate subpage, where the most important information from the championships will be published and you can watch matches that will not be broadcast on Jednotka or Dvojka.

If you would like to watch matches via the app, you can choose, for example, the one with the name “Slovak and Czech Television”. All you have to do is select the correct channel in the user interface and the user is redirected to the RTVS website, from where he can start the live broadcast. However, this can be done without having to install the application in the way described above. In this case, at least you don’t need to enter a URL, the app will do it for you.

Internet television

Many people do not know that there is a so-called IPTV, which allows you to watch TV over the Internet and also offers several benefits, such as archives and the like. Every internet TV provider in Slovakia already offers the opportunity to watch Unit and Two in the basic package. In some cases, even without a subscription.

The best way to enjoy live broadcasting on your mobile phone or tablet is via the Internet TV application. There are many providers and the prices are different. The final choice is up to the user. MojAndroid recommends Better.TV, KukiTV, Watching TV or AntikTV. There are other quality services.

Internet TV is also offered by Slovak mobile operators, but in some cases it is tied to it. All the platforms mentioned above can be used without a subscription.

Official mobile application

A detailed overview of what is happening at the championship will be provided by the official EURO 2020 Official application. With it, the user will have everything important right on their smartphone. There are no current live results and you will definitely learn something behind the scenes.

Live results

There are a number of apps in the Google Play store for tracking sports scores. Of course, we must not forget the Slovak application FlashScore, which offers a number of useful features. You can choose your favorite teams, track their statistics, or view individual player statistics and much more.

We can also find quality applications for monitoring results abroad. They usually offer very similar functions and differ only in the user interface and details.

How will you cheer?

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