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How to stabilize a video on the phone? Tips and solutions

The Smartphone is a real revolution, no one can deny it. Its last years, they were so innovated that we can now make videos with them. Only, it’s never perfect. The jerks, shakes, tremors… there is always something that ruins everything. Some images are blurry and the quality often leaves something to be desired. Sound pickup is also a problem, especially when there is wind or background noise. Everything would be much easier if we could stabilize them. However, it is precisely the nomadic side that makes them excellent cameras. What to do then?

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Phone stabilizers: a good alternative

Technology products complement each other. So-and-so is supposed to assist his predecessor. Some equipment is even simple accessories for others. This is the case with phone stabilizers. They were designed to stabilize a mobile device the size of a smartphone. Besides, you can find a excellent comparison on HDFever. Thus, they bring comfort and practicality during private shooting sessions, whether they have been scheduled or not.

Stabilizers for Smartphone

Smartphone stabilizers are used as selfie sticks. Their appearance is a little different depending on their type: models with arms or accessories.

These are the most common types of stabilizers. They are equipped with mechanical arms to grip your smartphone. Several brands even offer them, and the design may vary. Either way, you will notice that they have articulated arms. You just have to place the device in it. They often have feet that allow them to find balance and keep it.

Other accessories for some have also been developed to diversify the shots and offer different angles of view. These are hand stabilizers, shoulder stabilizers, grip stabilizers, etc. If the models with arms and tripods therefore land on the ground, they hang on a part of your body or even on your backpack.

Smartphones equipped with optical stabilizers

Some Smartphones are also equipped with optical stabilizers. They are very expensive because they are still very rare. They’re already built into the camera, and work whenever the shutter is on, whether you’re taking a photo or video. Thus, stability is assured no matter what you do.

Smart apps to make great videos

Professionals will certainly recommend high-end equipment. These materials are however reserved for professional videographers, photographers or cameramen. In addition, not everyone can afford a latest generation SLR. This is why the Smartphone becomes the dream device for recording videos from time to time. And for amateurs, it’s almost mandatory.

Fortunately, smartphone makers have found the solution. It is perfect for novices and those still on a tight budget, if not more than tight. They offer, along with the developers of special mobile applications for videos. These help to clean up the images and provide a correct visual.

Free applications

You can download free apps to your phone to make great videos at low cost. It is even the best advice that can be knowing that when you start, you must invest as little as possible. Young videographers and producers know what we’re talking about. So you can learn to frame images, cut sessions or play with options without worry.

However, the functions are limited. You will only have access to very few options. For those who video occasionally, for fun or for memorabilia only, free apps are a big deal. They offer all the advantages of a video without the disadvantages.

Paid applications

Other paid apps are for sale on Google Play and Store Play. You can download them to your Smartphone and get all the options you need to make good videos. The images will be automatically cropped, jerky movements are corrected, shooting errors are avoided, etc.

You can even edit different scenes to form a new video if some parts are of poor quality. However, to use such programs, one must have a minimum of skill. Indeed, you will get what you pay for. So we have to do it right. Take lessons if you need to or find a good mentor.

Other smart tips to stabilize your phone

You can download apps to cut out imperfections during editing. Some are particularly effective. If you think there is more to lose than to gain in this case, you can also use a little ingenuity. There are some features that help put things right without having to pay a professional. Otherwise, the selfie stick can do the trick.

The selfie stick: not stupid at all

The selfie stick takes up the idea of ​​the stabilizer. It’s less professional and maybe even less secure, but it works. You just have to hook your Smartphone to it and shoot the video. Small flat, your hand can tire at any time. The system may move or shake. It can be seen in the video. In fact, you are bound to see their effects.

So, this tip is only valid for a limited time. You can stay in this position for a few minutes or half an hour at most if you have big biceps.

Classic tips

Obviously, not everyone can afford a video app or a selfie stick. In this case, do not hesitate to use traditional methods like the coffee cup or the vase. Thus, you will be able to improve your videos without wasting time and without hassle.

It is even recommended since we cannot predict everything. It also means that these are easy fixes when you haven’t brought the pole or stabilizer. Some people use their office chairs, others use a briefcase, and still others place it high up… It’s simple, let your imagination find the solution for you.

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