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here the device is the cheapest

Summer has started, and so have the Summer Deals at Belsimpel. So that includes extra hot offers, such as this one from the iPhone 13 Pro. Moreover, the device is in stock at Belsimpel, so act quickly.

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iPhone 13 Pro cheap during the Belsimpel Summer Deals

Completely in line with the start of summer, the Belsimpel Summer Deals are now also starting. As with other Belsimpel promotions, you can look forward to particularly competitive deals. For example, several iPhone models are heavily discounted, as well as the Beats Studio Buds and the Apple Watch. However, the best deal in our opinion is a super hot offer on the iPhone 13 Pro. Because it is not only very cheap, but also immediately available!

So be quick, because at the current price we can’t imagine that the iPhone 13 Pro will remain available for the entire promotional period. Speaking of which: the Summer Deals will run until June 29.

Why an iPhone 13 Pro?

The iPhone 13 Pro is Apple’s flagship. If you just want the best phone of the moment, then this Pro model is the one for you. The device came out last September, and is now very cheap to get.

Like the ‘regular’ 13, the iPhone 13 Pro has a 6.1-inch OLED screen, is available in five different colors and has an A15 Bionic chip. Unique to the Pro model is the 120 Hz screen (that’s what Apple calls ProMotion) for extra smooth images, and a third camera lens on the back. In addition to ultra-wide-angle and wide-angle, you have another count for zoomed-in images.

At T-Mobile, the iPhone 13 Pro is now much cheaper. The version with 128 GB storage (with the Unlimited subscription) is sold for 924 euros – and that applies to all available colors. Just for comparison: loose you are the cheapest at Amazon for 1148 euros! So you save 224 euros – a really good deal! And the variants with more storage are also much cheaper. Do you prefer a slightly less extensive subscription? With a 10 GB bundle you still pay only 948 euros for the device.

And not unimportant: the monthly costs are currently very affordable anyway, because during the summer deals you get a discount of 2 euros per month.

But the best thing is that the iPhone 13 Pro is in stock at Belsimpel. That is not self-evident at the moment! So be quick, because gone = gone of course.

Even more summer deals

Is the iPhone 13 Pro not quite the phone you are looking for? No problem, because during the summer deals there are countless other iPhones on sale. How about an iPhone 12 with a Vodafone subscription or the iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone SE 2022 with an unlimited subscription from KPN?

In addition, as mentioned, there are still accessories on offer. With the Beats Fit Pro earbuds you will receive a temporary discount of 32 euros, and with the Beats Studio Buds you will receive a discount of up to 20 euros, depending on the color you choose.

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