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Google Pixel 7a: finally the release date?

Since the launch of the Pixel range, each version is entitled to various variations: main, pro, low price… The version of the latest model is not lacking, and its 7a version should soon be entitled to a release date. As is tradition at Google, this should be done at the I/O conference.

The tradition of low cost

If the firm has accustomed us to high-end smartphones at more affordable prices than the competition, it still does not cut that much in the quality of the model for its low cost versions. The photo module, in particular, is close, even identical to the main version.

Normally the “a” versions of Pixels are slightly more compact. We will see !

So the curious embarked on the quest for clues, in order to find the probable release date of the Pixel 7a. First of all, as said Android Authority, the leaks of the last few weeks on the model seem to indicate an imminent release. Furthermore, there is a set of dates at Google: Pixel 3a and 3a XL released on May 7, 2019, Pixel 4a announced on August 3, 2020, 5a on August 17, 2021 and finally the 6a has been official since May 11, 2022.

An announcement in May for a summer release?

For models 4a and 5a, delays due to the COVID pandemic must be taken into account. This bundle of elements therefore seems to indicate a launch of the Pixel 7a at the opening of the Google I/O conference on May 10, 2023. Be careful however, “launch” does not necessarily mean “marketing”! The company is used, like many manufacturers, to install a delay between the official announcement of a model and its launch on the market.

Are you in a hurry to get the Pixel 7a, in order to benefit from the latest Google technologies at the best price? So be patient, according to all these clues, it should be on the shelves at the end of summer 2023.

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