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Good deals: 3 power stations on sale for the return of sunny days

► The Bluetti AC200MAX at €1,299 instead of €2,446.33

power station
The Bluetti AC200MAX is a Rolls-Royce figure in the field of “power stations” then it is the most powerful device in the range with its 2200 W (4800 W in “Peak” mode and expandable to 8192 Wh), its ventilation, its LCD control screen and its compatibility with solar panels to recharge the batteries in the middle of nature. It offers 4 alternating current (AC) sockets to French standards 220/240V at 50 Hz. It also offers two 12V/9A (DC) cigarette lighter sockets and 5 USB ports (4 USB-A and 1 USB-C). At home, it will take less than 6 hours to fill up, but once you travel you will last days without a power outlet, especially since you can also recharge it on your car. It is possible to connect a whole bunch of different devices thanks to its high power: drill, microwave, fridge, computer, lamp, smartphone, etc.

While this power station normally costs €2446.33, this end-of-year promo brings the price down to €1899, but with the code NNNFRSOLDEACMAX, the price drops further to €1299. A hell of a promotion!

► The FOSSiBOT F2400 at €1152.52 instead of €1787.70

power station
The FOSSiBOT F2400 is a very good deal since the device is powerful (2400 W / 2048 Wh) and very complete with its 3 AC outlets for the French version 220/240V 50Hz, its 2 USB-C ports, its 4 USB- A, two “round” DC outputs, a cigarette lighter socket, its connection cables (to recharge from a wall socket, a solar panel or a car). Note that the manufacturer promises a full charge in 1.5 hours.

The FOSSiBOT F2400 is offered at €1787.70 the rest of the year, but it is currently on sale at €1299. With code NNNFRSOLDEF24 you can even buy it for just €1,152.52!

► The Newsmy N1200P at €659 instead of €752.71

power station
This power station is more “portable” than the two previous ones. It is also a very good deal, because it still delivers 1200 W (1280 Wh) and fully recharges in 4:30. It is equipped with three 220V sockets, 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C ports, a cigarette lighter socket, a control screen and an integrated ventilation system and lamp. . Undoubtedly the best value for money of this selection and the ideal device for campers.

With this promo, the price drops from €752.71 to €699, but you can take advantage of an additional discount with the code NNNFRSOLDEN1200P. And hop, the price goes down again to 659 €!

power station
And it will take… some energy…

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