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Google Photos introduces a daily limit for uploaded multimedia over the mobile network

Google Photos have been allowing users to set whether videos can be automatically uploaded to mobile devices for a long time. A recent update to the Android app quietly removed this particular video backup setting and replaced it with a daily limit. He was according to 9to5Google first introduced in India.

The daily limit applies to both photos and videos

In the Google Photos section Settings -> Backup & Sync -> Mobile Data Usage users will be taken to a page where they can set a “Daily Backup Limit”. It offers several options – No Data, 5 MB, 10 MB, 30 MB or Unlimited. Of course, there is still a separate switch to allow “Backup while roaming”.

Daily limit in Google Photos Source:

This daily limit was first introduced in March 2019 for users in India and other countries belonging to the “Next Billion Users” category. It aims to give users better control over the amount of data they back up over a mobile connection, which isn’t exactly the cheapest. The new feature has now begun to appear on US and European devices.

Unfortunately, it completely replaces the ability to turn off video backups over mobile networks. The daily limit includes photos as well as videos. The user must use a smaller limit for photos if he wants to avoid uploading videos for various reasons. Interestingly, the possibility of not uploading videos over the mobile network in the Google Photos app for iOS in the US still exists after its update.

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