Android and Windows: the big marriage soon to Fast Pair?

If we can find a lot to complain about Apple products (starting with their prices), it is difficult to take in the absence of the complementarity of their operating systems whether those of their smartphones, smartwatches and of course computers. iOS responds perfectly regardless of the interlocutors. Regarding PCs and Android phones, it’s a little more complicated, with Microsoft and Google seeing themselves for a long time as a little too much as competitors than as partners. As Apple today prances at the top of its market capitalization, the two pursuers have decided to bury the hatchet and make a little bit of a run together so as not to find yourself too quickly left behind by the apple brand.

And the additional number …

Pairing your phone with a PC is nothing new and we even talked about it almost two years ago. However, the thing was not the simplest in the world and could even quickly discourage those who do not have the patience to embark on galore adjustments to reach their end. Google took stock of the technological universe around us and realized that this accounting was more than important to work on. It could even change everything and mark a real turning point in future ecosystems to facilitate the interconnection between so-called “intelligent” objects. This is the observation made by Erik Kay, vice-president of “Multi-Equipment Experiences” [c’est une traduction maison, NDLR] on the google blog :

The average American household had 25 connected devices in 2021, up from 11 in 2019. If you’re like me, you want to pick the devices that are right for you, regardless of the brand. You also want to easily set up and switch between devices throughout the day, and without having to repeat the same song or task over and over again.

From where the following announcement of new features to facilitate this communication between objects, and especially those which run on Android and Windows. It must be said that a large majority of users have both one and the other …

Sharing above all

So Google is now focusing on how to make the connection between the two easier. So it will pass by the Fast Pair application which will allow, by connecting your Android phone to your Windows PC, to quickly configure Bluetooth accessories and synchronize your texts. Finally, file sharing will also be more intuitive and faster with Nearby Share. The Mountain View firm claims to be working right now with Acer, HP and Intel to make the system effective by the end of the year. More synergy therefore to come for users who love immediacy and simplicity.

An HP Windows PC laptop next to a phone showing Nearby Share as a feature for sending files

A new hand extended to Windows interfaces after the announcement a few weeks ago at the Game Awards that it would be soon possible to play Android games on PC under Windows 10 and 11 thanks to the Google Play Games application which will be launched in 2022. Like the Xbox Game Pass, it will allow you to continue on your computer a game started on your phone and vice versa.

Like what, the appearance of a common enemy sometimes gives rise to alliances that we would not have really believed possible. As long as the consumer wins, no one will complain, although it will always be strange for yours truly to play a game. Sonic on a Nintendo console. #RIPlaDreamcast

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