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Games from PS2 on Xbox Series, RTX 3060 Ti released, Doom Eternal on Switch and Superman 64 on PS1 »Vortex

The third day of the week is usually critical, but it does not apply to this Wednesday. Whether it’s the end of the season or a harbinger of the biggest storm in Cyberpunk 2077, this summary was not as massacre as usual. Nevertheless, we tried to create the most interesting for you.

List of topics

00:53 – The new Xbox can emulate games from PS2, PSP or Wii. Developer mode allows you to install emulators. But the performance is not enough for all games

07:00 – Tom Holland and frontman of Pearl Jam will perform at The Game Awards. There will be exclusive demos and new content for Fall Guys

12:40 – The fifth season of the second chapter has started in Fortnite. It brings Mandalorian, baby Yoda and a monthly subscription. The launch was watched by 15 million players

18:46 – The authors of Desperados III make another real-time tactical game. The Mimimi Games team has announced a new project. They will issue the next title themselves and it is also financed by the German government

25:14 – Thanks to a new update, Valhalla works better on Xbox. Trophies have been fixed on the PS5, while the PC version allows you to get paid extras for free

33:05 – The lost Superman 64 for PlayStation appears on the Internet. The unfinished port of the notoriously bad game was unofficially released 20 years after its abolition

38:37 – Doom Eternal will be released on Switch on December 8th. The bigger surprise is the almost 20GB size of the game. Cartridge release is not currently planned

44:15 – See what Among Us would look like for Game Boy. This year’s hit would also stand a pea green jacket. But he is not going to the handheld

48:19 – Nvidia will start selling a new RTX 3060 Ti card today. The price / performance ratio is great. That’s why he’s probably just dusting off the card

53:28 – Timetable: DLC for Planet Zoo and Dead Cells, new truck lighting from SCS and DLC Iberia for ETS2 later, King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Launches getting ready for early access

57:40 – Developers refute speculation about battle royale mode in the new Halo. Although real news would solve the situation, so far we are just putting them together, says the spokesman

1:02:37 – Rami Ismail flew a real plane from Amsterdam to Ireland and at the same time simulated a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator

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