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Galaxy Smart Tag: Samsung will compete with AirTags

We have known for a while now that Apple is preparing AirTags. These will be small object trackers that we can put just anywhere. The idea is to have the location of a particular product (wallet, bag, etc.). It turns out that Samsung is developing a competitor: Galaxy Smart Tag.

SamMobile spotted a new object named Galaxy Smart Tag in the Indonesian Telecommunications Certification Database. The object in question is number EI-T5300. Details are light are about it, but it’s easy to guess that the idea will be similar to Apple’s AirTags.

Samsung previously said in August that it is betting heavily on SmartThings Find. This is a system that displays all of the manufacturer’s connected objects on a map. We can thus understand the interest of having an equivalent to AirTags. On the other hand, it is specified that the model of Apple and that of Samsung should be based on the Ultrawide Band.

For information, Samsung has already launched an object tracking system (pictured above). It first saw the light of day under its SmartThings brand in 2018. But it seems to have been discontinued since. The Galaxy Smart Tag will in a way replace it with more features.

The announcement or release date of Samsung’s Object Tracker is not known at this time. It is also unclear on the side of Apple AirTags.

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