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Simply taken over by T-Mobile permanently: what will change?

Today, Tuesday December 1, Simpel has been taken over by T-Mobile. The two providers already announced this news in October, but now it is final. What will change?

Simply taken over by T-Mobile

The purple-colored Simpel is now part of the magenta-colored T-Mobile. This means that the provider will again fly under the flag of T-Mobile, of which it was also part of between 2010 and 2014. In 2014, Simpel started operating independently, but made use of the T-Mobile network. Now, December 1, 2020, T-Mobile once again owns the provider.

Watchdog ACM approved the takeover earlier in November, which means that the takeover is now final. Simpel has approximately 1 million customers and T-Mobile now has 6.7 million mobile customers in the Netherlands, according to the provider.

Søren Abildgaard, CEO of T-Mobile Netherlands, says the following;

“We are taking an important step in the mobile market with this acquisition. But, even as the largest mobile player, we are continuing our market strategy as a challenger. Customers can continue to expect us to continue to compete vigorously in all market segments and on all fronts. We are certainly not yet where we want to be on the fixed internet. Our next goal is to shake up this market. ”

The provider states that nothing will change for Simpel customers. This means that you can still take out (competitively priced) subscriptions with Simpel. It is unknown whether the provider will implement changes at Simpel in the long term, but customers will not notice this for the time being. As explained by Abildgaard, the company now wants to focus on shaking up the market with T-Mobile Home.

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