Fake versions of Android applications were harmful again. Which are they?

Not only in the real world, but also in the digital world, they are constantly lurking for us various dangers. Wreckers often rely on ignorance or inattention of people. This is mentioned in particular in a report by Bitdefender, which shows that fake versions of Android applications have once again been harmful. How to avoid possible attacks and theft of sensitive data?

Fake versions of Android applications were harmful again

What is the whole problem? The aforementioned Internet security company has captured new ones harmful trojans with names TeaBot a Flubot. We have already informed you about Flubot, it is spread via fraudulent SMS.

TeaBot malware is a little more thoughtful. He’s hiding for popular applications, however, it is about broken fake versionwhich have a slightly modified name. TeaBot collects sensitive data such as passwords, access codes Google Authenticator or news. However, it can also take control of the whole phone.

In which known applications have this malware been detected? This is a popular video player VLC Player, he has at the time of writing this article over 100 million downloads in the Google Play store and is therefore an ideal candidate. Instead of the original VLC for Android, it was possible to download a malicious version called VLC MediaPlayer.

Another separate category are the so-called Ad Blockery. These should be used to block ads in Internet browsers on smartphones. In this case, however, the installation require various authorizations, such as installation of third-party applications and then they “hide” to make us harder to notice.

A significant number of users believe that they will protect them from threats antiviruses for mobile phones. However, fraudsters also have this in mind, and they also chose the company’s antivirus application as the target of their attack Kaspersky. The original version was downloaded by more than 50 million users.

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