Facebook wants to nudge Instagram users in the right direction

In the past few weeks, one company has been particularly hard hit by bad news: Facebook. There are the publications of the Wall Street Journal and the later interview with Frances Haugen, both of which cast a gloomy light on the company and, above all, Instagram. In addition, infrastructure failures that lasted for hours plagued the company last week.

After the whistleblower Haugen was not really covered with fame at first, it is now assured that it will be improved again in the foreseeable future. Nick Clegg, Instagram’s vice president of global affairs, said in a statement on Sunday that a massive investment is being made to make the platform more secure.

Often the likes are used to indicate the popularity (Image: Prateek Katyal)

A total of 13 billion US dollars are to be invested for this. If necessary, parents should have access to their own children’s accounts and users should see content on positive topics if they have interacted with negative content for a long time (Clegg speaks of nudging the user in the right direction). In addition, a note is to be introduced that suggests taking a break from Instagram.

Nevertheless, Clegg sees the responsibility not only in the social network, rather the entire society must stand together and create an experience that has a positive influence on the users. 40,000 employees are to accelerate the change and make the platform more secure.

Users should see more positive content in the future

That sounds like a decent house number, but the measures are still far too late. 13 percent of UK and 6 percent of American users who are suicidal said Instagram is a significant influence on their thoughts. So the big words must be followed by impressive deeds over the next few months.

Own opinion:

Instagram has long been a place where perfect life is depicted in many places. Unfortunately, the platform also gives many users the impression that the images reflect normality, so if you compare, you can only lose. The network hushed up its problems for years, it was only Frances Haugen who brought the group to action. Nevertheless, it would also be good for Facebook to admit mistakes and learn from them.

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