The Galaxy S22 series phones are said to be charging pooomaaaluuu

That Samsung would stop the hunt for the highest possible mobile charging power? It is true that the Korean giant has never tried to break records headlong in this regard, but for the Galaxy S22 series, even the more restrained may be surprised. fans of more gentle charging. According to a published record from the Chinese 3C certification, a complete trio of new mobile phones will be able to offer only 25W charging power.

The film contradicts another recent leak, which in turn claimed that only the basic “twenty-two” will be charged with this maximum power. According to the older statement, the other two more equipped models should be able to handle 45W charging, which is standard in this year’s Galaxy S21 series. Nowadays, it’s basically average performance, but again reasonably prudent to the longevity of the battery. Some users also use much weaker chargers.

The final answer to the question of how fast and how gently we will charge Samsung Galaxy S22 phones, we will sometimes find out in January or February next year. Then the new series should officially look at the market.

What is the maximum charging power of your mobile?

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