Expensive new Patek Philippe is rare too

Patek Philippe’s ultimate farewell for 2021 is the new Fortissimo Ref. 5750P. Produced in a limited edition.

You just have to dare. Wear a watch that is not only very expensive, but also very rare. Criminals who know what to look out for will instantly see what you’re wearing on your wrist. That is with the new Patek Philippe Fortissimo Ref. 5750P no different.

Patek Philippe Fortissimo Ref. 5750P

Patek Philippe Fortissimo Ref.  5750P

This timepiece is available in a limited edition of only 15 units. It is a kind of goodbye to the Swiss watch brand in 2021, because it is also the last new model they launched in that year. This watch comes in a size of 40mm and has the looks of a classic car. The automatic movement has a reserve time of 45 hours.

Patek Philippe Fortissimo Ref.  5750P

You may see someone walking around with this Patek on a beautiful summer evening in Monaco, but the chances are slim. These rare watches disappear into collectors’ collections in the hope of increasing their value. The purchase price is converted 566,000 euros. So decent for the price. But if this investment increases in value, it was not a bad purchase afterwards. So it just depends on how you look at it.

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