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“Every flight I’m masking my fear so that my daughters don’t notice”

Everything for the kids. Even if you have to put a radiant smile on your face that is Oscar-worthy, bathed in the sweat of fear.

Saskia (36): “I am terrified in an airplane, but I don’t want my daughters Anne and Saartje to notice. We fly three times a year and no matter how I try to get rid of my anxiety, nothing works. So I sit on every flight with a straight face masking my fear. I don’t even know how I do it, but apparently it works, because they don’t notice.”

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Ballet shoes

Janneke (35): “On holiday in France we were in an area with wild boars. One night we were walking back from a restaurant, me carrying my daughter on my neck. Suddenly, together with a French couple, we were facing a mother boar and her piglets.

The French told us to keep calm, because mother pigs can attack. My daughter grew saucer-eyed and stared at the boar in horror as it ran away.

“At school, the teacher asked what she meant by that boar who was in ballet”

To defuse the tension, I said later that it was a boar mother who took her children to ballet. Hadn’t she seen the ballet slippers? At school, the teacher later asked what my daughter meant by that boar that was in ballet.”

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