Even the Skype application already supports bubbles in Android 11. How to turn them on?

With the eleventh version of Android, a new environment for interacting with chat tools also came into this system. Inspired by, for example, Messenger from Facebook, the developers came out with notification bubbleswhich can be used, among other things, for easier replying to messages. That is, if this innovation is supported by the communication tools themselves. As expected, the first ones to be implemented were those from Google. After the last update, bubbles are already running on Android 11 It also supports the popular Skype.

New version of the application that makes the novelty available, is already ready in the Play Store. If you have bubbles enabled on your Android 11 phone (take a look at the Notifications or Notifications section), then just a little is enough to activate those for Skype. In the classic top scrolling menu, Skype conversations are enough Click on the bottom right icon to launch the bubble. From then on, conversations will appear in the environment of this new shortcut. Of course, you can optionally switch back the look.

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In addition to this news, it has Skype and other elementswaiting for chat tools on the 11th Android. For example, grouping conversations in the top drop-down menu.

What do you say to bubbles in Android 11? Do you turn them on?

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