European Consumer Day is approaching. Do you know your rights?

The Regulatory Authority will announce through a press release the upcoming European Consumer Day, which will be on Monday, March 15, 2021. What are the rights of consumers and do you know them?

Each interested party has the possibility to conclude a contract with one or more telecommunications operators of his choice, unless there is a legal reason to reject it. The regulator recommends not relying solely on information from advertising or the media. This information may be incomplete.

Subscribers to the public telephone service have the right to:

  • subscribe to the public telephone directory and to make their data available to telephone number information service providers
  • to access the telephone number information service
  • call emergency numbers toll – free, including 112
  • send free SMS to 112

You do not have to agree to any major changes to the Terms

If the operator substantially changes the conditions and you do not agree with the changes, you can withdraw from the contract without penalty. The operator must inform you of this fact. If you change operators, you can keep your current number.

Right to rectify faults and refund part of the price

In the event of a breakdown, you have the right to rectify, free of charge, faults in the provision of telecommunications services that you did not cause and to a refund of a proportion of the price for the time of non-provision of public service caused by the telecommunications operator. This right must be exercised by the operator no later than three months after the resumption of the public service.

Right to make a complaint

You can file a complaint with the operator if it provides services in violation of the contract, of poor quality or incorrectly charges you for the services. The operator is obliged to notify the result of the investigation of the complaint within 30 days of its delivery, otherwise it is considered recognized. In complex cases, it is possible to extend the complaint, but for a maximum of another 30 days.

If you are not satisfied with the method of complaint, you do not have to claim your rights only through the courts. For example, you can also turn to entities that resolve disputes out of court or in an alternative way. These entities try to write an agreement with the operator, which is binding. These are faster and cheaper dispute resolution options.

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