Chance of a PS5: Online shop starts crazy competition

The online retailer Alternate has now come up with a really crazy promotion to make it easier for players to buy a PS5. Instead of being the fastest at the start of a new wave of sales, you now have to have completely different qualities.

Alternate is giving away the chance for a PS5

Getting hold of a PlayStation 5 these days is known to be no easy endeavor. The usual shop providers have to be constantly monitored and, if available, slammed in at lightning speed. In addition, annoying bots and the scalper players behind them regularly thwart the bill.

The online retailer Alternate has therefore come up with a special campaign: You can now secure a chance to buy the PS5. To do this, you have to take part in a raffle by filling out a form and adding a Motivation letter put on why you absolutely want to have the console.

Alternate then fishes out the best from all submissions and informs the happy buyers by email. Then you just have to confirm the order and pay for the console. Finally, the PS5 will of course be sent to you.

Alternate offers various PS5 bundles

Overall, Alternate 265 PS5 bundles ready for the raffle. 230 of them include the PS5 with drive, two DualSense controllers and the games Dirt 5 and the Nioh Collection. The other 35 bundles consist of the PS5 digital edition, two DualSense controllers, the PlayStation camera and a 12-month subscription for PS Plus.

The PS5 bundle with drive should be included 719 euros and the bundle in digital version 599 euros costs. With these prices, however, Alternate beats a small one surcharge on it. The included articles are bought individually to get a lot cheaper.

Click here for the PS5 raffle for Alternate:

Giving away the chance to buy a PS5 in a raffle is definitely an unusual promotion. But at least you won’t get annoying bots and scalpers in your way. how do you see it? Do you think the competition is a good way to finally increase your chances of getting on the PS5? Or do you find the crazy idea completely ridiculous?

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