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earn easy money with assignments

Google has released a new application with which you can earn money in a relatively easy way. This is possible with the Task Mate application that lets you carry out assignments.

Google Task Mate app

A new application has been released by Google with which users can earn a nice pocket money. The app has been named Google Task Mate and allows you to perform various tasks. These assignments are divided into two categories in which you can find the tasks. In the first category you will find tasks for which you can leave the house. Think of taking a photo of a certain place, or visiting a store to share information about it.

In the other category you are asked to say sentences, for example. In the screenshot you can see that for example you get 20 cents for 10 voice commands. With these types of assignments you can help Google improve its services.

Google already has an app with which you can earn money, Google Opinion Rewards. This app is different. With Opinion Rewards you earn credit that you can spend in the Google Play Store; with the Task Mate app you actually get the money deposited into your account.

At the moment the application can only be used in India, and cannot be used in the Netherlands. It appears that Google is testing the app and users who want to use the app will have to enter a code to participate. It is not known whether Google wants to release the Task Mate app here later.

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