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€ 20 reduction on your first two baskets

Quitoque is revolutionary. It is an app with recipes. You can choose from 2 to 9 recipes from the 16 news items for the week and have the ingredients delivered, including herbs and spices. These are 100% French meats, seasonal vegetables (preferably organic) with quality labels and in “short circuit”. No need for special equipment (although it is possible to choose recipes compatible with a robot Moulinex Companion or Thermomix): just choose the preparation time (between 10 and 35 minutes), the number of people (from 2 to 5) and your food preferences. And there are a lot of categories: discovery, seasonal recipe, 100% vegetable, “healthy”, “kids friendly”, gourmet, “world food”, without starch, etc.

An example of what can be found in a Quitoque package …

We deliver the ingredients to you: all you have to do is cook!

You will just have to follow the detailed recipe sheets. For certain technical manipulations such as the preparation of garlic, there are even explanatory videos. Don’t be afraid of not knowing how to do it! Even if it means having it delivered, you can also take the opportunity to add little extras: fruit basket, breakfast, necessary to make pancakes, organic vegetables, desserts, wines, etc.

Prices vary depending on the recipe of course, and even if Quitoque talks about a plate from € 3.76, we are closer to € 7 for gourmet dishes based on meat or fish, which remains very reasonable, even more with the current promo, since using the promo code FIRST BASKET 40 you will get 20 € reduction on the first two orders (for a minimum order of 57 €). 40 € reduction, you can’t refuse!

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