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Don’t just look at the prices

Shopping online is a very convenient way to get to the coveted goods quickly and cheaply.

Instead of having to physically go around multiple stores, which can take a lot of time and effort, all we have to do is open a web browser and click through the multi-e-shop offer. Finding the most advantageous offer is in practice a matter of tens of minutes at most.

Although it is all very convenient, it is also necessary to follow when shopping online some basic rulesso that the whole experience does not unnecessarily turn into one big nightmare.

One of the good ideas is basically against the very premise of online shopping – when choosing an e-shop don’t just look at the price. It has a meaning

Too attractive a price is a warning

For most people, online shopping is a kind of expedition to finding the cheapest offer for the required goods, but the cheapest may not ultimately mean the most advantageous. This is simply due to the fact that they also enter the game dishonest traders and criminal elements.

Price can be a major factor, but it should not be the only one. It should not slip into a state where we will immediately jump after every tempting offer without the slightest hesitation.

It is fraudulent e-shops that attract popular goods behind suspiciously low prices. And this immediately shows the validity of the idea that the most attractive offer can end up being the most expensive.

Focus your attention especially in cases where extremely low prices for otherwise expensive goods are justified by a time-limited action – sale, disposal of stocks and the like.

This may be fine with large and well-known stores, but if you come across such an offer at an unknown store, it should be a warning sign. All the more so if there is also a deduction, which puts pressure on the accelerated execution of the purchase.

If you do not buy in the online space from well-known stores that have a well-established background and a good reputation on the market, then be very careful. Definitely don’t just decide on the price, follow the basic tips how to shop online and securely.

How to find the best deal

When looking for the best offer, in addition to a gradual visit to well-known stores or a systematic search via Google, you can reach for established price comparators such as Heureka or Pricemania.

They can be a great helper for two reasons. Firstly, we can find an overview of the price offer with a history from several stores, but at the same time there is a certain verification mechanism.

Price comparisons have contracts with shops in which they look for concluded contracts, which means that they have not the slightest interest in including fraudulent elements in their offer.

Due to business relationships, you may not find all known stores here, but it is still a reasonable basis. You can run the few others by hand. At least you get a basic idea of ​​what price range you should be in.

There is another element connected with price comparators, which is recommended to take into account when shopping. Here you will find reviews from customers, who often point out potential problems with the store.

Who actually sells it?

In the case of fair trade, there must not be the slightest problem with the identification of basic data such as the seller, address, contact details, invoicing data or general business conditions and rules for complaints. If you can’t find it on the store page, you should leave immediately.

On the contrary, if you find this information, it is a good habit to check it through Google. Pay close attention to companies that have their headquarters and contact abroad, especially if it is outside the EU. They do not have to be automatically fraudulent, but there may be a problem with the delivery of goods or a possible complaint.

There is no exaggerated caution

Be sure not to go online shopping, namely payment transactions, via public Wi-Fi networks, but rather leave it at home. If you need to use the verified offer as soon as possible, you should reach for mobile data.

In general, if you’re not sure about the payment process, choose cash on delivery. It may cost a few € more, but you can’t balance peace of mind with a lower price.

You should protect the device you are shopping from with at least a basic security solution. Also, make sure that the store’s website uses security. This is a thing that no serious seller can avoid. The easiest way to identify this is that the address starts with “https: //” and a lock icon is displayed on the left side of the address bar.

Additional layer of protection

When you get the blood described basic principles, so the world of online shopping will become a little friendlier for you. However, there is never a need to slip into a feeling of false security. Always stick to the password, trust but verify.

Even though you know the store and has a solid reputation in the market, you should not leave anything to chance. This is doubly true if you plan to pay for the ordered goods online.

It is in these situations that any additional protective layer comes in handy. One of the most effective is the Payment Protection feature, which you will also find in the solution, for example ESET Mobile Security. This creates an additional layer of protection designed to protect your online transactions and financial data from misuse.

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