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All Mandalorian fans who find the well-known Star Wars aesthetic too harsh can breathe a sigh of relief: The studio of the self-proclaimed “Painter of Light” Thomas Kinkade has taken on the subject.

Fans have long known that the Star Wars universe contains more than the dark expanse of space, metal, clinical cleanliness and screens full of flashing lights. The desert planet Tatooine, Ahch-To, where the old Luke Skywalker retires, or Yoda’s swampy-green retirement home Dagobah show that natural elements such as sand, water and light also have their place. So what could be more natural than to take this fact into account artistically?

Mandalorian in the typical Kinkade style

Thomas Kinkade Studios may have thought this or something similar. Usually they are responsible for realistic – bad tongues say kitschy – depictions of idyllic, rural scenes, which always seem a bit as if you had applied a lot of lens flare in post-production. Its namesake died in 2012; Since then, various artists have brought works in his style onto canvases, coffee mugs and puzzles using the technique he used. One of them is Monte Moore, who in the course of a cooperation with Disney created the “Mandalorian Collection“Created.

With a total of four different motifs, he looks back on the shared adventures of Din Djarin and Grogu – probably better known on the Internet as Baby Yoda. In addition to the scene shown, in which the Mandalorian recognizes what – or rather who – he is supposed to take into his care, Moore also captured the Razor Crest in flight against the evening sky. Another painting shows the Mandalorian’s victory over the Mudhorn. And in the fourth picture Grogu can be seen playing at a puddle on Sorgan. Oh

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Incidentally, all four motifs are available, from prints on paper from 29.95 US dollars to limited prints on canvas and with a frame. But that costs up to $ 4,740.

More Mandalorian for your home

If that’s too expensive or maybe a bit too kitschy, you can still use AR to put the Mandalorian in the living room, make a smart Baby Yoda that follows you everywhere, or take a look at Minecraft.

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