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From July 1 to September 4, 2021, artists from all over the world come to reveal their original creations to you. True artistic immersion in the heritage of Metz, the international digital arts festival strengthens its openness with local artists and come from all over the world. Theme 2021: “water in space / life elsewhere”.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Constellations de Metz offers you 3 artistic courses this summer:

The Pierres Numériques night trail (2.5km): From the Sainte-Croix hill to the Îles district, passing by the Saint-Etienne cathedral, the Pierres Numériques route sheds new artistic light on the monuments of the historic heritage of Metz. Emblematic places in Metz will host original artistic creations: video mappings, immersive works, digital installations, etc.

The Art & Gardens course: From the Porte des Allemands to the Botanical Garden, following the path marked out by the rivers and their plant and built environment, the Art & Gardens route is an invitation to a contemplative stroll. Nature is revealed there as a work of art and the ruins and vestiges reveal their poetry. Around these themes, a dozen works and installations will mark the course in dialogue with the landscapes and the heritage.

The Street Art route:This route transforms the public space into a visiting space. The streets of the city of Metz become places of permanent or ephemeral exhibitions. Passers-by are invited to become visitors to their daily environment, with a different perspective. Artistic interventions give meaning to this daily life by using architectures and facades as a support to illustrate a language, by bringing it a second reading, by highlighting details.

For this edition, the festival is emphasizing its international dimension, by developing close links with international players in the digital arts such as the Signal festival in Prague.

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