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Cameron Diaz on motherhood in my 40s: ‘I really have to work hard for it’

In January, Cameron gave birth to daughter Raddix, who she had with husband Benji Madden. Although she is now 48 years old, it is her first child and thus belongs to the growing group of women who become mothers at a later age.

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Recently, on Naomi Campbell’s YouTube series, Cameron shared how motherhood pleases her. “A lot of people do it the other way around,” she says. ‘They get married and start having children when they are still young. I’ll do it in the second half of my life. ‘

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Very conscious choice

It may be the happiest period in her life, but of course it is different than if she had a child in her twenties. “When you have a child at a young age, you just do it – as with everything else, when you’re young,” she explains. ‘But if you are my age and go for a child, that is really a very conscious choice. You have to work really hard for it. ‘


Fortunately, she can put those broken nights and all the other challenges of new motherhood into perspective. She says with a smile: ‘The only pressure I feel now is to make sure I turn 107. So no pressure! ‘

Source: Motherly

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