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Gift of the Saint: the best toys for toddlers

Dress-up doll

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Experiment with make up and make the best hairstyles: with this make-up doll your child can practice endlessly.

You buy the doll here.

Animal Park


There is nothing like Artis of Blijdorp – your child can make the most beautiful zoo in the Netherlands with this set of Playmobil. Let the penguins whiz down the ice slide so visitors can see everything from the raised walkway.

Buy it here.



On the sidewalk, through the park or secretly through the living room: this scooter rides so smoothly that your child can easily cover (kilo) meters with it. The handlebar is adjustable in height and also handy: you can fold it up when your child is done with it.

You can buy it here.

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Woezel and Pip game


Will your child be starting primary school soon? Woezel and Pip give him a hand with recognizing colors and letters, but also with learning to count.

Order the game here.



Sint thinks it is high time for a magical camping trip. With this glamper the whole family goes on holiday and a party is built along the way thanks to the disco lights.

Here you buy the glamper.

World Atlas


What do people in other countries eat? And what is the smallest continent called? With the World Atlas, your child travels around the world and learns everything about the different countries with the help of sounds, texts and songs.

Buy the book here.

Duo puzzle


Once you have successfully completed this 64-piece puzzle, your child must try to find all the animals hidden in the picture with the help of the game cards. So double puzzle fun.

You can buy it here.

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