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Beware, this bug prevents Windows 10 from starting

A computer with Windows 10 that can no longer boot. You naturally want to avoid such a drama.

There is currently a bug that makes Windows 10 no longer useful to boot. The bug is commonly known as the chkdsk bug. This has everything to do with the eponymous (minus bug) tool. You use this system tool to get errors from the system. However, there are rumors that its use could lead to a fatal error.

Windows 10 no longer booting due to chkdsk error

Microsoft has since confirmed that this bug really exists and has happily come up with a fix. After using a chkdsk tool it may happen that Windows 10 can no longer start. It is still unknown which versions of Windows 10 exactly are affected by this bug.

The good news is that Microsoft has released a fix. If you start the computer now and it refuses to cooperate, the Recovery Console will automatically appear after a while. From here you can type in the command prompt the code: chkdsk / f. The computer starts a scan and after a while the scan is finished. Type exit and the computer should start up again. If you cannot figure it out, we recommend that you Google on Windows 10 and chkdsk bug. (via bleeping computer)

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