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When the TV broadcast is not tied to the TV

The Christmas holidays are approaching. The time that most of us will spend in the family circle. In addition to those pleasant things, it also brings with it a few minor inconveniences. For example, such a fight for television.

The little ones want to watch fairy tales, teenagers would like to reach for some comedy, and parents would like to watch one of the films that have escaped their attention lately. This means that the family must choose a common compromise.

At least under normal circumstances. Today, there are other ways to watch TV without being tied to a TV. Specifically, these are Internet television.

Internet TV WatchingTV

A typical example is the Internet TV SledovanieTV, which offers more than 160 TV channels and more than 50 radio stations. You really have something to choose from and you can watch your favorite program in the comfort of your own refuge on your smartphone or computer.

Such watching TV is very comfortable, but at the same time brings other interesting accessories. For example, you can pause or resume a broadcast if you miss something important.

And that’s not all. There is also an archive with a 7-day recording time, a choice between language tracks, subtitles and different broadcast quality from SD to 4K is supported. In addition, you can use a virtual video recorder, which allows you to store up to 120 hours of recording.

Internet TV SledovanieTV operates in the network of any internet provider not only in the Slovak Republic, but in the entire European Union. It is not that you are tied to additional services as is the case with some IPTVs.

You can try watching TV for free

We have holidays combined with lockdown, so you can enjoy long-term TV watching without the slightest remorse. Right now, you can even try WatchTV for free for the first month.

For our readers, we bring a special promo code MOJANDROID, which you just need to enter at and you will get a STANDARD package of programs for the whole month for free. This means that you will have exactly one hundred programs to choose from. The promo code can be used by new customers of the Watch TV service.

Try entering the promo code now: MOJANDROID at

Attractive program offer

The aforementioned package of programs called Standard represents a kind of golden mean. For a very pleasant 9, 99 € per month offers a hundred TV programs.

If you like the offer, you can reach for the Basic package with 73 TV channels and a special price of 10 cents for the first month. Subsequently, you will pay 5, 99 € per month, which is due to the extensive offer super price.

On the contrary, for the most demanding there is a Premium package available with 136 TV channels, which also includes premium stations such as HBO, AMC, History Channel or AXN. Even the most demanding spectator will choose from this offer. The monthly fee for the premium package is € 20.99.

TV Watch application

The application is available in a variety of devices. You can download it in selected Smart TV models (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Hisense) and now also in Vestel devices (eg Toshiba, JVC, Sencor).

Furthermore, in TVs and set-top boxes with the AndroidTV system (Sony, Philips, Sharp and others) and a complete novelty, there is an application for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. All devices support Chromecast.

You can also enjoy TV on your PC browser, as well as on mobile phones and tablets with iOS and Android. An absolute tweak is the application for the Apple Watch, in which you can watch a TV program or listen to the radio.

Cinema experience in the comfort of your own home

A novelty in the Watch TV service is the support of subtitles. There are currently 35 subtitle channels available, for which 76 subtitle tracks have been created. The number of subtitle channels will grow in the future.

Support for subtitles is, of course, extremely important for deaf viewers, but it will also please others. In combination with the choice of language track, it brings the possibility to watch movies in the original version. Watching TV thus transmits the cinema experience to the comfort of your home.

The system supports subtitles in up to 10 languages. In addition to Slovak, Czech, major world languages ​​such as English, German or Spanish, or, for example, Hungarian or Russian, are not missing. It can also be an interesting tool for calibrating foreign languages.

As a result of COVID-19, cinemas have been closed for several months, but this year’s Christmas can still be a movie. Thanks to Watching TV and the ability to watch movie movies in their original version, viewers can feel like they are in a cinema.

Try entering the promo code now: MOJANDROID at

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